Grosseto is a cute city almost on the border of the Region, political and cultural centre of the Maremma. An ideal place to explore the surrounding hills and the nearby stretches of sea, the city – with its tranquillity perfect for families – can offer unexpected surprises to those who visit it. The historic centre, although collected, is enclosed by a totally intact and splendidly preserved medieval wall, and within the walls, it is certainly worth visiting the beautiful Piazza del Duomo, on which the remarkable facade in white and pink marble stands out with the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, from the end of the 13th century.

Discovering Grosseto means walking in the green hexagon of the ramparts that Francesco I had renovated in 1574, visiting the beautiful Church of San Francesco and, for those who want to venture into the surroundings, the Maremma Natural Park and the Etruscan ruins of Roselle are certainly worth a visit.

A nice way to get in touch with the secrets of a little-known city rich in history can certainly be a visit to the beautiful Archaeological and Art Museum of the Maremma.
Here, you can reconstruct all the history that brought the survivors of the Etruscan Roselle, after the Saracen devastation of 935, in what would become Grosseto. It found its current form only in the twentieth century, thanks to the remediation of malaria. In the past, Grosseto was a Sienese dominion since 1336, and surrendered to the Medici only in 1559, after the battle of Montalcino.

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