Horseback riding

in the Tuscan Maremma

Treat yourself to unforgettable moments in Maremma, in contact with nature by participating in horse riding activities organized by the small riding school of Podere Doganelle.

The farm has a small stable for horse riding in the Tuscan Maremma.

Podere Doganelle organises pleasant horse rides and full-day excursions in the Grosseto countryside. Even for beginners, you can approach the world of horse riding by following individual or group lessons.

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Our proposals:

  • approaching the horse: activities for the little ones and for anyone who wants to get to know this splendid animal
  • riding lessons for beginners from 7 years on (€ 15.00 -> 30 min; € 25.00 -> 60 min)
  • horseback riding in the Maremma countryside for experts and beginners (€ 25.00 -> 60 min; € 45.00 -> 120 min; € 60.00 -> 180 min)
  • excursion, with at least 3 participants, which includes horseback riding, Tuscan dinner, and return to the farmhouse by car (€ 60.00). Families can dine together with the riders for € 20.00 per person
  • excursion, from 3 to 8 participants, which includes departure on horseback in the afternoon, Tuscan dinner, overnight stay under the stars, breakfast the next morning and return on horseback to the farmhouse before lunch (€ 100.00). Families can dine together with the riders for € 20.00 per person
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Special packages:

  • 5 lessons or 60-minute horseback riding -> € 100.00
  • 10 lessons or 60-minute horseback riding -> € 180.00

The package can be used by one or more members of the same family. The number of weekly packages is limited, secure the offer by requesting it when booking your stay on the farm.

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